for my kids, at graduation

Today, we celebrate at the Soltys house. Tomorrow, Kara graduates as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and Dane is now officially a high school graduate. Congratulations!

I’ve made lots of mistakes with my kids. With those mistakes, I have two choices.

First, I can dwell on them. Look back constantly and say “I wish”. Think “if I’d have only”…but that option does nothing good for anyone.

The second option is to let them go. Let them be learning experiences for the kids, as well as me. Laugh about them. Look back on them and chat occasionally about “remember when I…”

001I am going to do my best to let the mistakes go. I really would like to rant about some of the things we couldn’t control, but I won’t…instead, I just pray that their mother and I have prepared them well for life.

As long as I live, I’ll be here for advice. I hope it’s solicited, but you two will continue to hear from me when I think you need to hear from me. I mean no offense. Most of the time I’m telling you stuff because I see you doing something that didn’t work for me.

On this day, as we look forward to the future, I’ll just give you a few tidbits of advice:

  1. There will always be assholes. They abound, and just when you think you’re rid of one, another shows up. Be nice to them…because you might be the only person who ever is nice to them.
  2. If you find yourself in a bind, your mom and I are still here for you 24/7/365. No questions asked. We just don’t pay fines…
  3. Your decisions are yours. You can ask my opinion, but ultimately, what you decide is what you will live with. You’ll screw up…
  4. Enjoy life. I’ve spent mine dwelling on whether people liked me or approved of me. Just don’t. Be you.

I cherish you both. Sometimes it might not seem like it, but I do. I pray that God grants you both long lives where you are a blessing to many! And always remember…you are a baptized child of God, forgiven and free.

I love you!



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