I’m a Rich Man

I am a rich man.

If that comes off as boastful, yes, that’s the case.

But I speak not of money, possessions, or anything else this world defines the word “rich” by.

Four years ago, I was doing my very best to live my life for me. It wasn’t going very well. I was always angry, and totally lost. I had no freaking idea what was going on.

My selfishness took me dangerously close to simply looking at my wife and kids and saying goodbye.

I have but one explanation as to why I can write about being rich today.

Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

It would take me way too long to explain everything that makes me rich, but here are a few key points.

1. Sufficient Grace12711075_1119742244725952_5143808723192329757_o

It’s why I write this blog, and why I got this tattoo. I don’t fully understand it, and probably never will.


2. Family

1904248_828436843856495_6423925873853001078_n.jpgI could dwell on my shame. Instead, I celebrate these three who walked through my darkest hours with me, and are still with me.



3. Brothers20170623_202542

Being known is something that is very uncomfortable. It exposes you, but after it does, and you realize there are still people around you, God help you to realize that He alone can provide that which we need most

4. The Church

The church is not limited to the four walls in which I worship. I have brothers and sisters all over this great country, and even ones on other continents.

Untitled design (1)

5. The Body & Blood of Christholycommunion-300x200

You’ll have your own take on communion. For me, it is his body and his blood. I don’t need to comprehend the mystery. I don’t need it to be grape juice, and I don’t want it from the little cups. Wine from the chalice for me, thanks very much.

6. Freedom20170531_123229

My last point this Thanksgiving is very personal, and very powerful to me. Something happened recently that I can’t really go into details about, but it’s from God. His timing. His will. I’m free from something that controlled me for close to forty years. I can say “I love you” to a man. Shake hands with a man. Hug a man. I can allow a man to touch me. The feelings that result are not sexual, but a bond of brotherhood that I simply can’t put into words, other than to say “Praise God”.

So, yes, I’m rich. But in order to see how rich I truly am, I first had to see how poor I was. How destitute, and how I was at rock bottom. How, in and of myself, I still am those things.

But through Christ, I want for nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving!