Don’t Believe Every Meme…

Warning – this post might piss you off. It is not my intent to offend anyone with this post, but I know how it works.

These last few days have been trying. The United States is a country divided. I have friends on both sides. Friends who are intelligent, caring, and thoughtful people.

Trump was elected and inaugurated. Some people love this and some people hate this. The day after his inauguration, many who are in disagreement stood together in protests and marches around the world.

Today, I saw this picture abortionin a news feed. If you’re a Christian, you were likely offended by what their sign says. No surprise there. You believe Christ came to earth to save us, and these women are saying He shouldn’t have been born.

I can’t tell you why these women are holding this sign. They might or might not have had abortions. They might or might not have grown up in Christian homes. They might or might not have graduated high school. They might or might not be doctors. No idea.

What I do know is that now is not the time to be sanctimonious. If you are a Christian, and you were angered or hurt by the sign, I understand completely. I was taken aback, but then I got to thinking…has anyone ever shared the Gospel with them? Told them what Christ did on the cross was for them?  Told them that fact without giving them the expectation that salvation was unattainable because of their current belief? Somehow, I doubt it.

I know a couple of women who have had abortions. You might too. I don’t have to live with their decision, but they do. They remember it. Perhaps they live it all over again every day. Perhaps they regret it, perhaps they don’t. None of that matters. What matters is that those of us who understand the Gospel should be caring for them regardless of their decision. They should feel comfortable in our presence despite their past.

But here’s the kicker…and this pissed me off when I was researching…the photo is several years old! Because we’re so quick to believe memes, someone apparently thought it would further a cause to dredge it up and tie it to Saturday’s marches.

Christians, let’s do the world a favor. When someone offends us, let’s love them. Let’s show them Jesus, not beat them down because they believe something different from us.






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